As Melbourne’s market-leading name in scaffolding supply, Melbourne Guardrail provides a range of scaffolding products and additional services for customers across the Melbourne area.

Beyond scaffolding, guardrail, walkway & stretcher stair hire, Melbourne Guardrail offers all the additional support you could need, with services including:

  • Fall protection guardrail
  • Pitch platform walkway
  • Stretcher stairs
  • 2 plank walkways
  • Kwikstage scaffold
  • Solar panel guardrails

Ensuring full WorkSafe, our support for customers makes us the safe, professional and timely market leader for Melbourne contractors, businesses and home-owners.

Helping you adhere to strict building regulations, safety standards & OH&S obligations, you can have faith that every member of the Melbourne Guardrail team are fully qualified and familiar with standards in the Aussie building industry.

To discuss our range of services or hire options, call us today on 0429 811 581.

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